The Issues

We are all very concerned about the future health of our families and the productivity and value of our lands.  Why?  Because, in our opinion, there are a number of problems that we Texans need to join together to investigate and solve.  In our opinion, those concerns include the following:

  1. Texas is suffering and continues to suffer from one of the hottest and driest periods in its history.
  2. There is reason to suspect that the large number of coal fired power plants in Texas have increased the duration and intensity of such heat and drought in Texas.
  3. Some of the highest incidences of cancer, drought,  heat, and water contamination may be found around Texas coal fired power plants.  The pollution of the air by coal fired power plants in rural areas can affect not only our rural counties but distant urban populations like Houston and Austin.
  4. In Fayette County near the coal fired power plant of the LCRA, hundreds of acres of pecan trees, much of them in irrigated orchards, that survived repeated cyclical 50 year droughts, are now dead or dying because of air pollution.  There is reason to suspect that our live oak trees that add great value to our properties may be next.
  5. Coal fired power plants waste huge volumes of water. Coal fired power plants accumulate huge volumes of toxic coal ash that often leach into water supplies contaminating water wells.                                                    
  6. Decrease the quality of water and you also decrease the quantity of water for human consumption and to water animals and crops.
  7. Water, especially for irrigation and watering livestock, has become a very scarce resource in great part due to our failure to adopt responsible energy and water policies and our mistaken belief in a lot of false myths about the cost of wind and solar and natural gas electricity production and about the alleged benefits of coal.  It is way past time that we, Texans, take off the blinders and pull our heads out of the sand and be part of the solution and not part of the problem.
  8. It is way past time for Texans to join together to stop the use of water guzzling destructive coal fired power plants in Texas that may be contributing to our drought and heat and insufficient rains.
  9. It is way past time for Texans to stop sending about 2 billion dollars of Texas dollars to out of state coal companies each year and invest that money in clean affordable job creating energy and water conservation.
  10. It is way past time for Texans to demand that our state invest in drought proof and clean electricity production like wind and solar and the long term good paying jobs such drought proof energy will create.
  11. It is way past time for Texans to demand that big cities stop wasting scarce water supplies and stop taking water away from farmers and ranchers and rural land owners.
  12. It is way past time for Texans to take control of the health and future of their families and the value and productivity of their lands.

If you are interested in helping evaluate and provide responsible solutions for our serious water and energy problems in Texas OR if you would like to be invited to future public meetings hosted by TREW where our concerns will be further  presented  and evaluated and solutions sought, please contact us today!